Ellie - Help me out, please... Customer Reviews:



Had to use a website with tips to beat it :/

Like it

Love the story line very fun but also confusing cause u have to pay money for hints still liked it

Love it

I enjoyed and what a twist 😂


It was good while it lasted

Awesome story!

I love the plot twist! It's also really challenging

Can't click the book in thw floor

Good story

I can't beat it

Can you guys do something about using the mirror for a reflection i tried using it and it wouldn't work


Easy to play with awesome puzzles, can't wait to play the other one!

Need to fix it!

It always sends me to a game (big bang galaxy)that wants to be installed. This actually looks like a good game but I haven't had the chance to play it. 🙁

Great ending

I had to look up hints online because some of the codes are tricky, but I loved the ending

i like eilie

I hate this game!

I am done with the mirror but i cannot touch her description please please fix it

I'll be honest

I couldn't figure out out.

Get game!

This is a really hard game so you most be patience!


This app may contain viruses, straight after installing my phone became supper laggy and unresponsieve!

Hard but fun!

It's very challenging and very fun! even if the puzzle kind of hard, the process of solving the problem is very fun!


Great game

Great game.

Great game

Awesome game....makes you think and has a nice twist....worth downloading

Crashes on launch

Game crashes on launch just like Murder Room (other game by same company). Not sure why their games are broken but it was a waste of time and data downloading

Where is the Ellie another room and how to open the drawer and you Lana Lodge plz help me pls

I dont know how to open the drawer please anyone who played this game please help me how to open the drawer pls pls you Lana Lodge help me open this pls and how to find the another room

Perfect for killing time

I enjoy all puzzle that they put in these game, those ring are too hard to figure, damn you katie

I need help

My numbers are 503 803 and I've tried the combo but it won't work I've tried a walk through and i still cannot open the drawers

So unfair!

Got killed for the first try. Twisted!

Super awesome.

I like that I have to think hard to find clues... a good game.

Great game

There were two puzzles in the main mode, and one in the dlc mode that I would've never figured out before playing this game. Otherwise great game.


Really very short but in the last when i the bad ending ur dead i was sad i thoughts that girl was going to die in last or the kiddnapper will come and game would be over but this game is fun and thank god it was wrriten in enhlish otherwise i was not able to understand

Good but...

The puzzles are way too hard, specially the part where you have to count the blinking lights, i can't go any further

Good game!

The coding was a little confusing, but I had fun!



This game was good

But Ellie is so freaky 😓

Very interesting

I found it very challenging and good even though the bag part was kind of tricky. I cheated a bit cause there was no way i couldve done it on my own. i recommend it to all who want to test their patience. For the bad code: see how much the ring shines like this: short,short-long short long- short long long. (keep in mind that everyone's patterns is change everytime) Then look at the poster on the wall and check which number has the correct pattern as the ring shines.

Awesome but

I totally love this game but it is so irritating in a good way, I had got a bad ending twice and I am really really tired I have been trying many times but still a bad ending so I wish u guys good luck and hope u reach a good ending :)

Good end

It's a good story but I wish there were more endings.

Too difficult

I can't play the game cuz the ad is taking up the whole screen

I have her organizer,mirror, and flat coin

What do i do next? Im so confused and i can't buy hints...but i still love it

Best Game

More Ellie!!!!!'

was all i could say

Very nice ... Its so hard but its worth it actually